Don’t Crack Under Pressure
Season three 


The last chapter of Don't Crack Under Pressure is finally here. Just one year after the release of Don't Crack Under Pressure - Season 2, Thierry Donard brings us the final part of his trilogy. The culmination of a saga in which friendship and sharing reach their highest heights. La Nuit de la Glisse is entering a new era, exploring new disciplines, documenting the passing on of values between two generations of riders, the ultimate homage to athletes that have left their mark on their sports through their achievements. Goodbyes for some, picking up the relay for others.

The soundtrack plunges the audience even deeper into the action and the sumptuous landscapes. Over 90 minutes, they will live an authentic experience full of emotion, and strong, profound sensations. Producer Thierry Donard gets up close and personal with these extraordinary characters thanks to his skilful camerawork. A film shot for the big screen in 4K Cinémascope, for a complete cinema experience and deep immersion in the world of boardsports.




Temarii Buillard

One of La Nuit de la Glisse’s new mountain bike riders Temarri is a very talented yet little known, young Polynesian who is just beginning to show what he can do on the international scene. He rides the fields of Tahiti like no other.

Xavier Marovelli

One of La Nuit de la Glisse’s new mountain bike riders One of France's top mountain bikers, Xavier is originally from mainland France. He fell in love with Tahiti and its islands, where he now promotes the use of EAPCs (electrically-assisted pedal cycles).


Davide Carrera

Davide has a profound love of the ocean floor. He has set various national and world records over a career spanning more than 20 years. His primary goal is to promote the sport and nature through the feeling of freedom and peace he experiences whilst under the water. He is constantly involved in competitions, TV programmes, video projects, interviews and events. Davide returns to the waters of Tahiti to explore its fascinating seabeds.


Mitu Monteiro

A former star of La Nuit de la Glisse, Mitu is a pioneer of a discipline that has inspired generations of kite surfers. A multiple world champion, today he lives in Cape Verde, where he has opened his own business and gives kite surfing lessons. He invites us to discover his discipline in various spots in his region.


Karsten Gefle, Wille Lindberg

Karsten and Wille have hurtled down the slopes for many years alongside Thierry Donard. This year, the summits of Norway and Chamonix will be their new playgrounds.


Matt Annetts

One of La Nuit de la Glisse’s star riders who took his final bow in this film

Fabian Bodet (aka Chyko)

One of La Nuit de la Glisse’s new snowboarders Fabien is a local hero in Chamonix with a growing reputation. He rides the slopes of the valley with Sam Favret, who has already made various appearances in La Nuit de la Glisse. Today he takes over from Matt...


Lorenzo Avvenenti, Matahi Drollet, Mateia Hiquily, Tikanui Smith, Hira Teriinatoofa, Marie-Moana Troja

This year, these Tahitian surfers leave for a new surf trip to Faaite in French Polynesia. The audience discovers a stunning setting where the danger of the reef is rivalled only by the beauty of the waves...


Mathias Wyss

An iconic Nuit de la Glisse pilot, Mathias Wyss once again takes to the air, swooping in front of and very close to Thierry Donard's cameras. A true Wingsuit pro, he leaves nothing to chance, preparing his flights to the very millimetre.

Van Monk

Van Monk is La Nuit de la Glisse's most mysterious athlete. Though committed to maintaining his anonymity, his name is nonetheless found amongst the best wingsuit pilots in the world. This season, Mathias Wyss and Van Monk fly above the mountains of Chamonix and across the plains of Norway.

Matt Gerdes

At the heart of this new season of La Nuit de la Glisse, we find Matt, the founder of the American brand Wingsuit Squirrel. He is accompanied by Noah Bahnson, Andy Farrington, Mike Steen, Mike Swason, Pat Walker, Hartman Rector, Will Kitto, ScottyBob, Richard Webb, Ian Mitchard, Nic Sacco, Sebastian Alvarez, Carson Klein and Micah Couch. Together they fly above the stunning Moab desert in a choreographed formation that has been planned to the very millimetre.


Zane Schweitzer

The grandson of Hoyle Schweitzer, who, alongside Jim Drake, invented windsurfing, and the son of Matt Schweitzer, a major windsurfing champion of the 1980s, Zane Schwetzer was always destined to achieve great things in the water.